Tour program

Experience the life of a windmill family

Step into the life of a Windmill Family as their special guest.
See, feel and experience the years from 1632 till today.

A new 2 hours tour with 2x boat trip, entrance to
Windmill Alkmaar Experience and guided tour.

1. Boarding the ‘Windmill Experience’ boat
departure at ‘Noorderkade’ Alkmaar

2. Enjoy a 30 minutes unique boat trip through
inner city and along several beautiful Windmills

3. Arrival at Windmill Alkmaar Experience
The Windmill Family is happy to meet you

4. Follow the Family to the characteristic Wooden coffeehouse
Large groups will be separeted to max. 20 persons each
Groups will have there own windmill daughter/son

5. While the first group enters the Windmill for a guided tour
through the Museum all the way to the top, the second
group is exploring the area around the Windmill with
terrace (and breathtaking view), coffeehouse, shop,
animals and much more.

6. Group change (if needed)

7. Boarding ‘Windmill Experience’ boat for the journey back.

8. Arrival at Noorderkade
Thank you and till next time!

Group Arrangements at the Mill
Available on request

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